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Mar, 14

A day with Essence

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When I taped my most recent show with Essence Carson, my menu was a great Italian themed spread.  From the most minimal appetizer ever, to my twist on cheese sticks (pockets) , a way to keep the kids occupied, and an entree turned into game day food. Your guests will love all of the above. I’m so clever…..


Essence Carson of the New York Liberty and musician. Watch today’s show to see just how talented this young lady is….

A cool way to start off an Italian themed party…..spread some butcher paper or a paper table cloth and hand out the crayolas. Very common at many Italian bistros and fun for all

Not exactly ROY G BIV… but I’m ready for action…..

Louis and bennie 148

Alright my paper table cloth could use an iron. My girls and I love this 🙂

Louis and bennie 158

Now the easiest appetizers ever…

Crusty Italian Bread with seasoned olive oil…… studded cast of seasonings….

Louis and bennie 162

Drizzle some olive oil….ahhh the aroma

Louis and bennie 166

Some garlic salt….sprinkle sprinkle

Louis and bennie 167

Italian Season….shaky shaky

Louis and bennie 175

Some like it hot, hot, hot….if ya do….. a pinch or two of red pepper flakes….

Louis and bennie 179


Louis and bennie 180

 crusty bread…….

Louis and bennie 184

It’s go time my friends….

Louis and bennie 186


Louis and bennie 187

And forth…….

Louis and bennie 188

And the winner for “Easiest Appetizer Ever”   

Louis and bennie 190

See….easy and 1 minute of work. I had my stopwatch in hand. 57.4 seconds to be exact..

And now a story of  fried cheese……

There are nights….circa 2:00 am when I wake up with what I believe is the most genius idea..EVER!!!! I’m not sure this is an infinity moment,  but I have been told it’s quite tasty…

Louis and bennie 135

In real time….while taping my show this is how my guests are treated. Nothing like fried food to show your appreciate and love

How are these pockets made??? I know you are sitting on the edge of you seats….

Louis and bennie 193

How to make the best fried mozzarella ever…. pair the cheese with squash, zucchini, and pepperoni…

It’s an Asian-Italian fusion…so get some some egg roll wrappers…

Louis and bennie 205

 My slice of Mozzarella 

Louis and bennie 217

Pepperoni and cheese….

Louis and bennie 221

Zucchini and cheese…..

And fold…seal with water

Louis and bennie 206

Fold again……

Louis and bennie 208

Finally our little love letters of cheese, meat, and veggies….

Louis and bennie 231

Now our dredging station;  flour, eggs, and panko seasoned with garlic salt and Italian seasoning. Don’t be shocked, fry the pockets in  350 degree vegetable oil until golden brown and serve with marinara sauce…

Louis and bennie 228

And again the final product… more time. Delicious…..

Louis and bennie 137

Last but not least our entree… lasagna rolls….

lasagna rolls

Take your traditional lasagna and make it into these individual game day treats…

Essences and I ended our show with some Sangria..and the kicker…I used fruit cocktail 🙂  

Louis and bennie 145

A great day with Essence….Cheers!!!


Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day….


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