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Apr, 14

A Throw Back….

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In the summer of 2012, with help from three of my girlfriends, I catered the coaches meal at the Shawn Springs Football Camp in Ashburn, Virginia. We had a fabulous time together and whipped up some delicious food for the guests. While at the camp, I had the opportunity to meet Shawn and we became friends. Shawn an Ohio State graduate (he’s still a nice guy) played 13 years in the NFL. Shawn started his career with Seattle, then Washington, and rounded out his playing time with the Patriots.  After getting to know me,  Shawn begged to be a guest on my show. After several harassing phone calls from Shawn, I finally agreed to feature him as a guest.  A few weeks later,  Shawn joined me in the kitchen to pull together a game day meal. This show also features my close friend and Redskin fan “Dr. Craig”. Just watch the show and see how impressed Shawn is with my skills in the kitchen.

camp 321

At the camp with Shawn and his Ohio State teammate Stanley Jackson

troy's chicken 019

Black bean salsa, grilled chicken, and some cilantro rice was part of my menu for this event

show with shawn 061

The day we taped, Shawn had the nerve to show up in his Ohio State colors on my PSU set!! He said it wasn’t intentional. 

If I have to come clean, we laughed the entire time and had a blast…..

show with shawn 059

This was the show I realized I needed Dr. Craig services….this was the day Craig was dubbed “sous chef”

Craig’s life hasn’t been the same since then….

And the menu…..Lemon Pesto Pasta Salad, Stuffed Mushrooms, Meatball Sliders, and a refreshing drink…

Check us out!!!!

Remember…..Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day!!!


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