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Jun, 16

And Exhale…..

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As I was in and out of sleep, watching game seven on Sunday night. I finally pulled it together to stay awake for the last quarter. Basically because Brooke refused to let me miss this nail biter. Once I became fully conscious, I realized what my nap had cost me. This was definitely one of the most exciting sporting events I’ve ever watched. When a game comes down to the last few seconds, after a team fought back from being down 3-1 in the series. You realize you’re watching history being made. Such an emotionally overwhelming moment for these athletes and coaches, but equally emotional for the fans and the city of Cleveland. A city riddled with sports heartbreak for years. Even though all cities celebrate their triumphant wins, this is a die hard, blue collar type of town and their reaction was very personal. Many of these people have spent their entire lives in Cleveland, worked hard, been ride and die about their teams, only to be disappointed time and time again. They’ve watched their football team have virtually no success after the Jim Brown and Bernie Kosar years, plus the team was inactive for 4 years when they moved to Baltimore. The Indians..well not much to say about them. And then the greatest heartbreak ever when LeBron went to Miami. This win was really for a city that deserved a title. Even though I was rooting for the Cavs, it was more about what it would mean to the city and it’s people. Cleveland will now be in the record books for this amazing comeback and giving the natives a great story to share with their grandchildren.

I’ve only been to Cleveland once. It was 17 years ago for my nephew’s baby shower. Let’s just say I didn’t get to experience a food excursion. However, I did go bar hopping with my brother on The Flats. That’s what all good “fathers to be” should do. However, I did learn that the food traditions have a heavy Eastern European influence. Plus, I watch the Chef Michael Symon who is from Cleveland and he talks about the food culture in his city. Classic foods would be things like pierogies and kielbasa. I love the kielbasa. Honestly, I think my normal way of eating a kielbasa with ketchup and mustard, would bring people in Cleveland to tears. So… I’m just going with their traditional sandwich of a Polish Po Boy. Kielbasa topped with cole slaw, home cut fries, and a sauce. But I’m making my own. My slaw might be a bit different and the sauce…but it’s amazing….

Thanks for stopping by and remember….Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day!!!


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