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Jan, 15

Back to Foxborough

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2015 and the Baltimore Ravens are headed back to Foxborough, Massachusetts for another playoff game. It’s common knowledge I’m a Steeler fan, from a Steeler family, with a strong affinity for the Baltimore Ravens.  Jon, my younger brother, has the typical disdain for the Ravens that many Steeler fans seem to embody.  Ravens fans as well. My baby bro is completely appalled by my actions of taping shows with Ravens players. I’m not sure if Jon allows Raven fans in his home.  As for me, I don’t have “those” strong feelings about any rival team. With that being said however, there is something that gets me in the gut every time Pittsburgh or Baltimore play at Gillette Stadium. For the most part,  I like to remain neutral when blogging, but in this particular situation I can’t.  John Harbaugh needs to lead his team to the promise land of the AFC finals. To that I will say a little prayer, “Please let the Ravens crush the Patriots”. Sometimes in life there are things you can’t explain. For example;  How do I constantly have loads of laundry, even though I’m constantly washing clothes?  Why are there never any new batteries when my remotes die, considering I buy packs of 20 at a pop? Why is my kitchen floor always dirty,  I sweep it daily? Why don’t I just invest in a cleaning service and maybe they can organize my laundry, batteries, and keep my house clean? Those are a few of the things I can’t explain and I can’t explain why I’m not a Patriots fan. No particular rhyme or reason, I’m just not a fan. But this blog isn’t about me not caring for the Patriots, but the fact that I’m rather fond of the Ravens organization. I’ve done several shows with current, past, and retired Ravens. Had the good fortune to visit their facilities and join my friend Tenille Moore in the Ravens kitchen. Meet many of the staff members over that last few years and expand my relationship with the organization. So today….I say go Ravens and best of luck. Sorry Jon 🙂 Here are a few pictures from my many experiences with the Ravens organization. From staff to players and beyond. And you get a trip down memory lane on my make-up…Wow!


 A few years ago at the Ravens facility…chilling in the dining area.



Tenille Moore a wonderful lady who is responsible for feeding the players and staff. What a gig!!!!! Seriously…what a gig!!!!!!



Love this photo with my girl!  Toni is the receptionist and just a fabulous person who also volunteers for the Ed Block Courage Awards as well..


I know this opens old wounds for Ravens fans,  but my first Raven guest was Billy Cundiff.  We had a great time taping together.

Most memorable about Billy…he left the set with the lapel microphone and had to come back 🙂  

baltimore 2638


Retired Raven player and coach Bennie Thompson …Bennie and I have taped together a few times.

Quite the personality this one 🙂

Louis and bennie 108


Adrian Hamilton…is definitely a favorite. Everyone knows. Last year we did several shows, demonstrations,

and even trip to my school. Adrian was traded this year, but this is my guy right here..

Adrian Hamilton


 Cody Larsen was with the Ravens last year and went to the Broncos in the off season.  Cody has a great energy

and I wish him the best..

Cody Larsen chips and wraps 017


 Wally Williams is another former Raven and now television personality. Wally and I have done

several events together and he clams I tired to get him intoxicated when we taped our first show together.

Apple Pie moonshine. I explained it was a sipping drink 🙂  


Tyrod Taylor current back up QB to Joe Flacco… this guy. I think he didn’t know what to expect when he was invited to tape.

We had a great day and he actually tried some recipes.  Now that makes me happy…


So…….I think that’s everyone…but it’s early. There are probably others.

Oh well. Now to my Ravens game day menu. Yes, it’s all about the crab and old bay.. Maryland staples 🙂


Crab Puffs….just for Tyrod



 Cream Of Crab Soup


Crab Melts 


Crab Balls 


 Crab Dip


Crab Stuffed Mushrooms



Roasted Shrimp with Old Bay and Cheddar Biscuits ::)




Old Bay Wings


 Old Bay Shrimp Pasta Salad




 The playoffs are in full affect and these dishes are true to Maryland and the Ravens…


So check out all of my recipes go to…….

Remember…..Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game?






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