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Jul, 16

Casinos….Breaking Down Barriers

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So this past weekend, I was away for several days with Paige, Brooke, my college friend Shelly and her children Devin and Kiana. Also, our friend Toya and her son Tyree. We went to Atlantic City to celebrate Paige’s 16th birthday/mini vacation. Thankfully, we were blessed with beautiful weather for our time there. Of course we did the typical things you do at the beach. Hit the water, walk the boardwalk, enjoy the tiki bars, and eat some great food. Obviously Atlantic City isn’t just known for the beaches. Casinos baby. I am in no way, shape, or form a gambler. My ADD doesn’t allow for that. As we walked through the different casinos, I realized this is a whole culture I don’t understand. I kept saying “I don’t get this at all”. Fortunately for Shelly and I, Toya has a fondness for the casino life and was explaining. To be completely honest, I didn’t understand half the stuff she told us. However, my girl knew what the heck she was talking about and could win some money to prove it. Casinos are straight up one the most diverse environments you will ever go into. I saw people of all ages (over 18 of course) and backgrounds. It was like the crazy of the outside world didn’t exist inside the building. There were people just making new friends playing beer pong and flip cup. A cover band that is better than most bands you hear on the radio and everyone dancing together. People tolerating the slot machine chain smokers (it was something). People just having a good time. So are casinos the way to get past stereotypes and just enjoy one another’s company. Far fetched as that might seem, it was an environment were people openly talk to complete strangers as they played along side one another. If you have never been to a casino, take a trip to one and check out my theory. Maybe you will win a few bucks in the process.

So the dish that I will share from the weekend is….. a remake of a sandwich Paige had as she and Kiana spent their days shopping. She begged me to make this last evening for dinner. It a panini with grilled chicken breast, avocado, bacon, lettuce, and a chipotle/ranch mayonnaise on a ciabatta.


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