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Jun, 16

Hit The Ground Running

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Hello my friends. It’s been several months since I written a blog. Juggling school life, home life, cookbook life, recipe life, mom life…I think you get my point. But now with my retirement, yes I retired after 23 years of teaching. I’m more focused and dedicated than ever to pursue my real passion of cooking and sports. Ultimately, I have no choice. I do have two kids to support. One day I think retirement was greatest thing I’ve ever done. The next day I’m in tears and scared to death. What if I’ve made a wrong decision and I’m going to ruin my life? But then I put things into perspective, what would I have been showing my daughters if I continued in a career I no longer enjoyed. Also, what would I have showed them if I didn’t take a leap of faith and make a life out of the things I love to do the most. What a hypocrite I would be as I tell them daily they need to pursue a career that they love and I wasn’t doing the same. So I’ve hit the ground running, but I’m not sprinting. This will be a marathon that I’m ready to tackle. I mean I ran a half marathon once and that sucked, but I’m ready for this one. As I said, I writing a cookbook “The Game Day Kitchen” which I hope to have published in July/August. Taping my shows live each week on Facebook. And I’m developing another business that I will share with you soon. Truly, this will be a roller coaster ride, but I’m up for the challenge. So here are a few of the recipes I’ve been working on and soon you will find them on my website and in the cookbook.

The Chesapeake Burger


Italian Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Peachy Palmer
peachy palmer

Ham and Cheese Stuffed Pretzel Bites

Apple Pie Tortilla Ala’Mode

apple pie tortilla ista

Thanks for stopping in and I look forward to sharing so many more great recipes, stories, videos, ideas, and fun with you. Take care and remember…

Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day…..

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