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Jul, 16

Improving The Game

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Yesterday morning while watching my favorite ESPN show, Mike and Mike the topic of conversation was “How to improve the game of baseball”. Shortening the game to 7 innings. Limiting the number of relief pitchers per inning. Allowing people to move seats at a certain point in the game. Giving fans something free from the concession stand with the purchase of a ticket. For me, I agree with all of these suggestions. I love taking the girls to games, but my biggest complaint would be the overall cost of a game for a family. After I’ve paid for our tickets, where I make the decision on the price, it’s all down hill from there. So you have the cost of the gas getting to the game. Then there is parking. God the parking. Driving around looking for a spot or a spot in a parking garage can prove to be buzz kill all in itself. But you then get hit with some outrage event parking fee. Okay okay okay. You suck that up. Then, you make your way to the stadium. At this point, you become a bad parent if you don’t get your child a souvenir. Especially if you only go to one game a year. I mean I really don’t believe that, but that seems to be the norm in my household. But let’s be real. You aren’t getting any quality souvenir under $20. Now for the drum roll…….oh the concession stand. This is the biggest racket known to man and woman. When you pay $7 for 8oz. of peanuts, Houston there’s a real problem. For the love of everything, concession food is not the highest quality most of the time. How are chicken tenders and fries worth $9 dollars and a soda in a souvenir cup $7? Please know I tell Paige and Brooke to eat every morsel of their food. Not really, but that is my normal reaction after I’ve made the outrageous purchase. And the kicker of all kickers, for those of us who are fans of the cold brew, the $8 beer. You certainly don’t want intoxicated people at any sporting event. Nor do you want people drinking and driving. But that cost right there is crazy. Let me calm down. Obviously, you are paying for the experience and I get that. I’m just not sure things need to be as expensive as they are. Just my thoughts. This past Mother’s Day, my friend Melissa and I took our girls to an Orioles game. Yes, were are those moms. As we entered Camden Yards, we were handed an Orioles scarf. You would have though I just won the power ball. I was jumping up and down. The employees were looking at me like I was crazy. My point being, the fans like to feel appreciated. That small gesture made me the fan feel special. That should be their goal. The game exists because of the fans. Without us, a team can’s sustain. Words by Jen. Enough of that. What would some good concession food look like. Well it looks like a pulled pork sandwich with some cole slaw and a pickle on the side. Just like mine. Have an awesome day!!!



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