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Jul, 16

Jump In

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As the Track and Field Olympic trails are underway, another person who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know will be participating. Jessie Gaines is in Eugene, Oregon participating in the long jump. I met Jessie a few years ago when she traveled to from New York to Baltimore to do my show. You talk about a firecracker. This young woman is a ball of energy and excitement. Jessie is originally from Virginia, but was in New York going to school, training, and working with young kids. Truly one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. The irony was the show we were doing at the time was for the winter Olympics in 2014 and now I get to tell you about her in 2016 trying to make her way too. I’ve only spoke to Jessie via text messages and Facebook over the last few years, but I did reach out to her the other day to offer my congratulation on making the trials. In true Jessie form, she was bubbly and excited and grateful for well wishes. Please keep an eye out for Jessie over the next few days while watching the trail. She is absolutely one that I’m pulling for. When I asked Jessie what food she wanted me to feature for her she said seafood. So today’s show is perfect as I’m doing “Shrimp Boil In Foil”….

Jessie Gaines, myself, and former Raven Adrian Hamilton


Shrimp Boil

IMG_1044 (2)


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