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Mar, 14

Loving The Camera

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logoAs much as I love being on camera and doing the show, not every guest steps on set and has the same comfort. My guest on this show, Bennie Thompson retired NFL player and coach, wasn’t completely sure he was camera ready. There was quite a bit of coaxing  to reassure Bennie all would be just fine. For this particular show, my tailgating tip was decorating your cups at a tailgate/homegate as a fun way to entertain kids and other guest who love to being creative.  We made some fabulous pork enchiladas with some yummy cilantro rice and topped it all off with some margaritas.  When I tapped this particular show, I had actually taped one in the morning also. Let’s just say taping two shows in a day makes for a long day.  But the good news, there was no shortage of food.

Meet Bennie Thompson

Louis and bennie 108

 My guest for this weeks show Bennie Thompson. Bennie played finished his playing career with the Ravens and was on their coaching staff as well.

cups 065

Cup decorating was my tailgating tip for the week. Get a bunch of plastic cups, some fun colorful sharpies, and go to town!!

cups 055

Make it your own 🙂

cups 050


Picasso Heasley!!!

cups 003

Love this game!!!!

Louis and bennie 121

Starting our cilantro rice….

Louis and bennie 124

Bennie pulling together our pork enchiladas…

Louis and bennie 129

Look at Bennie’s work!!!!

So for all of the recipes check out this weeks show!!!!

 Remember….Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day!


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