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Mar, 14

March Madness Beginnings……

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Did March come in like a lamb or lion? That one’s up in the air for sure:)  but March Madness is in full effect and I have a few more questions?  Dickie V… where are you baby? Is “Bracketology” only a term in the “urban dictionary” or has it been adopted by Webster? Why do college students jump in place the entire game like they’ve had  several cans of Jolt? Wait do they make Jolt anymore?  And how rich must one be to offer a billion dollars for the perfect bracket? Call me Mr. Buffet. At any rate, the season is upon us and fan can’t believe the upsets that have already occurred. See I’m good this year;  I didn’t complete a bracket. Hence, I’m not  feeling the sting of disappointment that all of my friends are experiencing right now.   In the past I’ve done a bracket with the hope of winning a couple bucks. For real, I’m cool with 20 dollars just to say I won something. Winning those couple of bucks round by round is possible. Why… because anything can happen at any given time. The beauty of the brackets.

 Sometimes a team’s heart will out weigh its talent if only for one game. Giving those athletes a story for a life time. Etching their place in history, that no one can take away from them. To me, that’s what March Madness is all about. An under dog team having its moment to shine. Or a coach developing a great program at a little school in Indiana and a few years later being tapped to lead the Boston Celtics. At times, an athlete whose name most have never heard,  being splashed all over news feed as someone to look for in the up coming NBA draft. March Madness is awe-inspiring.

 March Madness is also a time for me to hog the “good” television at our house. Simply a matter of strong arming Paige and Brooke by explaining the importance of the games.  Thankfully there’s a buy in. Actually this year there was a pay out, being black mailed to buy two new movie releases “Frozen and Divergent” . Clearly I took a hit without playing the brackets. None the less, everyone’s happy. I get to listen to the colorful Dickie V, watch some out of control college kids with sheer jealousy, and hope to cry a few times watching an underdog storm the court after an unbelievable upset.

On this weeks show, Cody Larsen of the Baltimore Ravens and I talk March Madness as we make homemade potato chips and put together a “wrap bar” to host a big March Madness party or any party for that matter.

Cody Larsen chips and wraps 017

Cody was a wonderful guest and very comfortable in the kitchen. We had a nice day together.

Check out the show and learn all about Cody’s journey to the Baltimore Ravens. He’s a pretty impressive young man.

Homemade Potato Chips….

Cody Larsen chips and wraps 001

Trivial as it might seem this is such a nice unexpected treat for you friends and family.

Every time I make these, people go crazy. And very simple 🙂


– 2-3 lbs Gold Yukon Potatoes

– Vegetable Oil for frying

– Sea Salt, Old Bay, and Parmesan Cheese for seasoning

See….now how hard could this possibly be?


1. Wash potatoes

2. Using a mandolin, (if you don’t have one go get one) slice your potatoes thin. Use the guard to protect your fingers.

3. Place sliced potatoes in a large bowl filled with water for about 30 minutes. This will draw the starches out and make it easier for frying.

4. Pre-heat vegetable oil in a large skillet on stove top. 375 degrees.

5. After soaking potatoes, drain and pat dry with paper towels. Please make sure they are dry. It will only take you

one time to learn water and hot oil DO NOT mix. It’s dangerous. Make sure they are dry.

6. Fry potatoes in batches. Draining baking sheets or jelly sheets lined with paper towels.
Top with seasoning of choice.

Remember…Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day??


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