Taking In The Game

Taking in the Game…by Shona Sandlin


Rather it’s the highflying acrobatic acts of the players in the NBA or the encompassing craze of the fans in college basketball. There is something about this sport that draws people in. It may be the speed of the game, or the visible developmental progression seen in youth basketball. The basics dribble, pass, shoot, is a constant at every level. There is no need to consume yourself with positions in the game or what plays are called, all that is important is how the ball moves and getting it into the basket. As we just witnessed the World Champion San Antonio Spurs dismantle the Miami Heat with how they moved the ball. It never mattered who was moving it, just as long as it was moving. As my coach used to say, “It doesn’t matter how fast they are, they can’t out run the ball.” So keep your eye on the ball and enjoy the game. #Life is fun…Basketball is serious!