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Jun, 16


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When someone says sweetness, I automatically think of Walter Payton. One of my all time favorite NFL players. Even though my family bleeds black and gold, my father had a tremendous respect for Payton in my childhood and it rubbed off. Watching him was amazing. Very powerful and almost elegant on the field. Payton won two NFL MVP’s and won and Super Bowl with the Chicago Bears. Unfortunately, Walter was struck with a rare liver disease and died at the young age of 45. Each year the NFL honors a player with The Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award. The award honors a player’s volunteer and charity work as well as their excellence on the field. This past year Anquan Boldin was the recipient. My ode to Payton isn’t coming out of left field. Yesterday, Brooke and I made the classic dessert mud and she referred to it as “sweetness” and Payton popped into my head. Hence, today’s tribute to a great player and man.


chocolate pudding
oreos (crushed)
whipped topping
fresh mint

1. Layer your crushed oreos, pudding, whipped topping and repeat. Top with fresh mint


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