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Jul, 11

Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day?

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Welcome one and all to”Jen Heasley is Cooking With The Pros“. This is a fusion of my two favorite things sports and food. Think of it as Trey Wingo meets Paula Deen. Please know I am not so arrogant to believe that I have the talent of these two individuals.  However, you could think of me as their understudy all in one person. Lite and lively sports commentary, interviews with some of our favorite sports figures, and awesome recipes (that I slave over) is what you can expect. In order for me to keep what I write fresh and interesting, I am asking you the question..Who Do You Want In your Kitchen On Game Day? Not the local pizza delivery person, but the athlete who piques your interest. Secretly or maybe not so secretly, we all  have a sports figure we would love to meet (no stalkers allowed, please). Just pause a moment and think….who would that person or persons be. Clearly, I would like to meet Trey Wingo. This guy is sharp, witty, and he’s the kinda guy I could have some wings and beer.  Mike Tomlin would be my number two. As a die hard, life long Steelers’ Fan, I was thrilled when the organization gave Tomlin the nod. Passionate, knowledgable, and driven is how I see this coach. Obviously, he can motive his players to follow his lead and the fans love, love, love him. Go black and yellow!! Last but not least, Michael Robinson of the Seattle Seahawks. Recently, Michael and I taped an episode of “Jen Heasley is Cooking With The Pros”. Even though Michael and I are Penn State alum, the taping was the first time we met. What an impressive young guy! Not only is he dedicated to the workout scheduled required in the off season, but he is also dedicated to shedding light on inner workings of the sport. Michael has a web cast called “The Real Robinson Report”. Check it out.  He is definitely someone you want in your kitchen on game day. There are so many other ladies and gentlemen that I admire and want to share a great meal. If they don’t cook, maybe they’ll enjoy some dish washing. I can hope for the best. So, I invite you to follow me on this journey to bring sports icons into our kitchens and our homes. Attached you will find the clip from the show that Michael and I taped together. Together we made a “Steagles” sandwich. Here in the Keystone state we have two NFL teams the Steelers (my people) and The Eagels (the team of choice for many of my friends).  My goal was to bring the two cities together in one sandwich. Philly known for the cheese steak and Pittsburgh know for the Primanti Brother’s Sandwich. Honestly, I felt like a genius when I developed this sandwich. This was a touchdown, home run, and hat trick all in one. An open face sandwich made with a traditional cheese steak mixture of cheese steak, fried onions and peppers, mixed with cheese whiz 🙂 topped with cole slaw, home made french fires, and melted provolone cheese. Low cal this is not, but delicious it is!!!!!! Give it a try. Please take care and I will be with you soon. Remember………”Who Do You Want in Your Kitchen On Game Day?” Check Out The Clip


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  1. Yum, Yum, Yum. That is both for the sandwich and Michael! You look pretty damn good too Jen! I am excited to learn new, quick and easy not to mention tasty recipes from your kitchen. Great job!

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